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12 Volt Digital Set Top Box

Get Digital TV on your old Analog TV with 12V Set Top Box
Designed to with most LCD TV's that do not have a Digital TV Tuner. This is the simplest way to get digital TV on your LCD TV.

More details

The Majestic STB200 is the peferect solution for those that have an LCD TV and want to pick up digital reception. The STB200, simply connects to 12 Volt power, and instead of the TV antenna going to the TV it connects to the STB200. Then you only need to run a A/V Cable (available from our site click here) from the STB200 to the A/V input TV and your done.
To watch Digital, simply select your TV input to A/V then, Use the Set Top Box to do all your functions, watch TV, change volume and you even have an extra A/V Input via the STB200 if you still need one. Therefore you will not be sacrificing your A/V input.
If you want to really improve your system, and make it much easier to use, simply purchase an RM900 learning remote (click here). This gives you the ability to program the RM900 for both the Set Top Box and your TV therefore you only ever need one remote.

  • Accessories Supplied: 12V power lead, Remote Control, IR Remote Sensor, Manual
  • Colour: Grey Box - can be hidden away.
  • Current Draw @ 12 Volts: Less than 2Amps
  • Features: 2x A/V inputs on A/V output
  • Reception: DVB-T Digital - SD
  • Voltage Range: 10V to 15V DC